About Us

Long stories have short legs

BROTHRS is an idea of two brothers that became reality as a founding story among friends. Over the past few months, 3 longtime friends have been working to make their dream a reality. For US it was more than just a start up foundation or chasing money, it was time spent together for a common cause at the time of COVID-19. With our different seats in different countries, we got organized online and built it all up. This is the feeling we want to share with YOU and build more and more in the future.

It was our goal to do something that we stand behind 100%. The result shows a brand whose products and shipping materials are sustainably produced. BROTHRS donates portions of sales as a contribution to the community and people in need.

We didn't just create a label, we created something that will last. A story and principles that are sewn into our clothing, connecting us all together.

This is us... we're afraid that in reality we're not only unphotogenic, but we really look like that ... Picture coming soon.

The best thing is to spend time with friends who also have something on the waffle.