No road is too far for us when you are by our side.

ONE FOR ALL AND WE FOR YOU - that means you for us and the whole community. For your support, we thank you and gladly give it back. Together we give it to those who are quickly overlooked and excluded.

Our children have the world at their feet. Unbiased, pure and open-hearted, they are building the future and shaping the world of tomorrow. Some need a little jump start, others need that help for a lifetime. To help them get a good start in their young lives, we at BROTHRS donate a portion of the sales for every item sold to the Kinder Pflege Netzwerk in Berlin.

Logo Kinderpflegenetzwerk Berlin

For families with children with special needs

A child is not always healthy or stays healthy. Mostly unprepared and painful, parents are confronted with new and additional questions due to complications in pregnancy or during birth or due to an illness or accident of their child.

The Children's Care Network

  • is a self-help organisation founded by affected parents
  • links affected families with each other and experts
  • offers concrete advice and support
  • draws attention to the special situation of children, adolescents and their families who are seriously ill, disabled or in need of care.

Lifelong - Most of these children and young people will be dependent on special care and support for the rest of their lives due to a chronic illness or disability. For many parents, this often means lifelong responsibility for their child. They need a strong network.

Kinder Pflege Netzwerk e.V.
Ritterstraße 4
12207 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 76 76 64 52 (answering machine if necessary)


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